• Supreme EVA Case: Made of premium hard EVA & Nylon, Supreme Quality, Wear Resistant, Soiling Resistant, Dirt resistant, Crush Resistant, Anti-Shock, Weather Resistant Material to ensure durability and a long-lasting performance.
  • Unique Interior Design: Unique design of ‘2 protective mesh enclosure + 1 soft cotton plate’ to completely protect the devices from damages or scratches.
  • Multi-purpose: Golden inner size of 8*4.5*2.5 inch, apply to the storage of Jump Starter, External Battery Pack Power Bank, Power Adapter, Charger, Tire Inflator, Repair Tools, Gps and other Electronic Accessories.
  • Wrist Wrap & Zipper: With wrist wrap and zipper, easy to carry and pack on the go or at home.
  • Big Discount & Long-term Warranty: SAVE $7 on current sale price of this carrying case when you purchase 1 or more RoyPow J12 12000mAh Jump Starters (B00WYO2OYK, B00WYO2R6K, B00WYO2TMM) or RoyPow I80 & I81 Tire Inflator (B00ZH6IPMM ,B00ZF6P6YY), add this case and any one item mentioned to Cart with the promotion code of 88HDW3VI at Checkout for the discount; 18 months of long-term warranty from RoyPow.

Product description

Environmental & Durable

Thanks to the unique hard (Nylon & EVA) outer box, it featured with a wear resistant, soiling resistant, dirt resistant, crush resistant, anti-shock and water resistant, to ensure recycle, more environmental and durable.

Use Widely

Premium inner size of 8*4.5*2.5 inch is fit for carrying the electronic accessories, tools, and other home daily supplies. It is especially suitable for the RoyPow J12, J08 jump starters, and the I80, I81 tire inflators.

Buy More, Save More

Enter the promotion code of 88HDW3VI at Checkout to save $7 when you add this pouch and any one or more of these products (Roypow J12 jump starters: B00WYO2OYK, B00WYO2R6K, B00WYO2TMM; Roypow I80 or I81 Tire Inflators: B00ZH6IPMM, B00ZF6P6YY) to Cart.


Material: Nylon & EVA
Internal Dimensions: 8*4.5*2.5 inches
External dimensions: 8.3*4.8*2.6 inches
Net Weight: 5.5 ounces

What’s in

1 * RoyPow P12 Pouch

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